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 "It's the dating-rules approach to recruiting and interviewing. and it works. Every time."

Excerpt: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl-
Candidate or Job

"Sometimes candidates and companies can get caught up in a fantasy of what they think they want their life to be, but when the rubber hits the road, they decide that they are happy with the life that they have. For a candidate this can be, for example, someone who spent his or her career working for a big company, and fantasizes about what life at a startup is like. In a big company, the candidate exists within a structured world where he or she is a small part of a large machine and the company’s existence feels inevitable. The candidate fantasizes about the excitement of knowing that success or failure of the company can hinge on their performance. The candidate longs to be free of the confines of the rigid corporate structure. Along comes an invitation on LinkedIn to actually see what that life would be like. For the companies, sometimes companies view their own internal culture as boring, stagnated, and stodgy, and a Manic Pixie Dream candidate comes along that the company thinks will completely change their culture.make them more efficient, and eventually successful..."

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